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Debtor Management for Small-Large Businesses


Payt helps businesses to get paid faster and easier, without losing the human touch.

The software can help businesses to:

  • Create payment plans
  • Automated follow-ups on outstanding invoices
  • Integrate invoice and accounting software
  • Save time
  • Increase customer satisfaction

If debtor management is a key weak point in your business, Payt might be the option for you! Another thing to consider when choosing a new piece of software is the integration potential, and whether the apps you already use integrate with the new software.

Payt has a wide portfolio of integrations, and a few of the heavy-hitting accounting software names are included (QuickBooks, Xero, and Twinfield).

Click here to watch Alastair Wallace explain how Payt can help your business.

If you’d like to learn more about Payt, check out the more information box below. Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our library of apps, please click here!

More Information

Cost Extremely unique on a customer-by-customer basis. Depending on how many invoices you send per month.
Competitors Approval Max, Chaser, Debtor Daddy, InvoiceSherpa
Function Debtor management solution that will aim to ease the chasing and management process of invoices whilst bettering your cash flow.
USP The dashboard set-up which provides a quick overview and healthcheck of your business/businesses!
Use Case Debtor Management
Features Automated Follow ups, Payment Services, Credit Scores Checks, Internal Notes, Communication to customers, Payment Plans, Simple invoice and finance invoicing.
Strengths Easy to use Dashboard and interface, Live connections providing up-to-date information, client contact functions and emails, debt collection
Considerations If you are in ‘over-the-counter’ sales, this may not be for you
Target Customers Small-Large business, it can be adapted to suit your needs

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