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Get the right data to the right people in real time.


Our solutions are designed to interact with all the stakeholders in the business, allowing those with responsibility to take ownership of their KPI’s and drive through growth in the improvement critical areas of your business.

Business Unit Performance

Discover true business understanding

Actively manage the financial forecasting of your business with bespoke dashboards designed to offer an immediate view of key areas in each business unit. Our financial forecasting software, integrated into a comprehensive business intelligence platform, covers various facets of your business—both financial and non-financial. As long as the data is available, we ensure timely and accurate reports tailored to your specific needs.

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Customise your reports

Don’t be restricted to reporting in financial periods. If you want to see detail in granular detail real-time, daily, this week, last week, monthly, quarterly, annually, rolling averages, you can select whatever you like.

Choose your layout

Whether you want to see your information numerically or graphically we can provide the visualisation preferred. 

Bring your team together

Allow your team to collaborate in the software and based on the same numbers. We provide commentary tools so that we consider not only the statistics but a perspective on the numbers so that all elements are taken into consideration when making decisions.

Benchmarking Performance Dashboards

  • Compare and contrast across your business units with the correct level of detail needed. A summary can be specific but some times you need a summarised view. Harness the power of seeing the critical data in your business but from all the perspectives you need whether it be location, manager, product, or sales channel.
  • Consolidate business units together to view you KPI’s in the best way to analyse your business.
  • Rank specific items in the business to act on the best and worst performing areas of the business and maximise profitability.

Operational Planning
and Forecasting



Build daily/weekly/monthly plans and budgets that will align your operational teams with your corporate financial goals.


Automate short-term financial forecasts so you can nimbly adjust your plans based on the changing realities of your business.


Use the insights to drive optimal behaviours in the business.

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