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    Why 4PointZero?

    Your business can use 4PointZero’s extensive experience and expertise in the technology and accounting space to ensure you choose the right cloud-based applications, customised for your own needs so you can accurately measure how your business is performing, with all your data stored in one secure place.

    Our services are specifically designed to help guide you through the migration and implementation process of modern cloud-based finance systems and ensure your goals are achieved within the required timescales. We alleviate mundane processes that no longer need to be performed by accountants, allowing you to focus on your business’s needs and generating new opportunities .

    The move from desktop solutions to online software is the logical step for all businesses, 4PointZero can provide your business with real-time information with minimal human input by automating your systems and processes. With so many software providers on the market, how can you be sure which one is the right solution for your business? We can use our extensive financial and software-based experience to help you navigate this space and ensure you select the best one for you.

    Our Process

    • Sign up: Simply click the Sign-Up button to get up and running. It’s that easy.
    • Speak to a 4PointZero Consultant: Speak to a 4PointZero Consultant: Not sure what systems fit your business best? We can guide you through the different options available to ensure you choose the right solution for you.
    • Select and add your applications: Your designated 4PointZero consultant will work with you to ensure the setup is implemented correctly and is working properly.
    • Analyse your processes: Work with our consultant to identify processes that you want to automate.
    • Automate your processes: Once the setup is completed, we will guide you through the migration phase and provide step-by-step training and support.
    • Set-up your reporting and data needs: Once your new system is up and running and the collection of data is automated, you can start looking further into the information with intelligent performance analytics provided by the data flowing through your business.
    • Continue to innovate: As your business is constantly evolving, so will your processes. We will continue to work with you to ensure any developments in your business are optimised and success measured.

    What We Offer?

    4PointZero is your business portal. We analyse, understand your processes and recommend the optimal software solution for your business.

    4PointZero is an innovative tool for business owners and accountants to use with their clients which enables them to access the latest cloud software while getting support from our experienced consultants who implement the most efficient processes in any business. The software can collect all your data from various systems into one single place which allows us to generate insightful reports and send them where they need to go without having to handle the information manually.

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      Our Partners

      We are working with leading software providers to deliver solutions to forward-thinking partners who can then deliver a modern cloud-based service to their customers. Together we can offer so much more to our clients by collaborating and harnessing each other’s skill sets.

      Our Clients

      Here are some of the businesses we have helped start or improve their transition to the cloud. Whether you need to scale up or integrate new tools into your existing systems or are starting afresh and need to know how & where to start, we can guide you step-by-step through the process in order to achieve your business goals.


      Software and Functionality

      4PointZero offers a wide range of software and services customised to your own business needs. Ensuring your data is secure sits at the core of our business and it enables us to move to the next step which is delivering the functionality and services you need:

      • Making Tax Digital Compliance
      • Accounting & Bookkeeping Software
      • Operational reporting, Financial Reporting & Data Analytics
      • Payroll & Pension Integration
      • Mobile Personal Expenses Management
      • Online Document Authorisation
      • Automated Bank Feeds
      • E-billing
      • Complete Accounting Automation

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