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Save time on the manual financial processes in excel
that take up hours by using the best financial reporting software with business intelligence solutions.

Automate your Accounting


Whether you need the system to process 1 or 1,000’s of lines of data, we are not limited by volume in any way. Any information we receive will analyse and aggregate, so the transactions are posted in the leanest possible way whilst achieving the dimensional analysis needed for reporting.

Best financial reporting software in UK


We can automate the posting of anything. With our mapping tools we can post payroll, sales, purchases, intercompany, accruals, anything needed. Automate up to 95% of your accounting so you spend more time reviewing instead of processing.

Accounting software for small business


Keep you audit trail at hand. Where a set of data is used to create a transaction, we keep the file and the associated transaction numbers that are created. This means if you ever need to find a file associated to a transaction, you can just search for it using the transaction number. No more Audit Queries!

Know your financial data is 100% correct


As we connect all the systems used in your business, we take the time to ensure it is correct as financial experts, post the necessary accounting entries and then reconcile the numbers back after it is posted to ensure it is correct and verified.


No information is manufactured or edited through this process, we take the data once from the source, use it to post transactions and then check it. This way we know that the results will always be correct so long as the source data is accurate. t also ensures adjustments are made to inputs, and not in the middle of a process which may hide inefficiencies.


Create 1 business Ecosystem of integrated systems all sharing and using the same data.

Automate Financial Reporting


We will automate the production of your financial monthly management accounts. Get instant access to real time Financial Statements. They can also be tailored and reported in the way you want, so you see your data your way.


Conduct any consolidation needed. Don’t be restricted by looking at items company by company. We will help you consolidate and compare any business element/unit against another even if they exist in different companies.

Financial Control:

Implement the necessary user controls so that specific users or user groups can only see the information you want them to see.

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