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Accounting software for mid-sized businesses


Twinfield online accounting software easily manages all accounting functions, from invoicing to management accounting

Twinfield helps businesses to:

  • Manage their accounts
  • Share real-time data
  • Work with multiple currencies and multiple companies

One of the main advantages is that Twinfield helps accountants automate tasks. Whether it is processing bank statements, posting recurring transactions, making payments, sending out remittance advice, or depreciating fixed assets.

Twinfield allows companies for enhanced, flexible and functional reporting. All of the reports are available to be changed as per the client’s needs at the time.

The system allows you to drill down from any report to the original transaction, so you can see its details, as well as the documents or invoices attached.

It has great functionality for those who would like to work with transactions in Excel. Simply log in to the Twinfield Excel app and download all of the data you are interested in, whether it be transactions for multiple companies, the whole year, or a particular general ledger code.

Twinfield is designed for mid-sized businesses and is designed to be scalable. With detailed functionality, and the capability to complete a wide range of accounting tasks, Twinfield may be the option for you!

If you’d like to learn more about Twinfield, check out the more information box below. Or, if you’d like to browse our library of apps, please click here!

More Information

Cost Starting from £52 per month
Competitors Xero, QuickBooks, Sage
Function Twinfield allows you to see your accounts remotely in real-time, and alert you if there is an opportunity to reduce risk or increase profit
USP Twinfield is scalable, and won't have a decrease in performance based on the number of transactions
Use Case Accounting Software
Features API integration with open API links. End to end accounting
Strengths Twinfield is multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language with great integration potential.
Considerations Twinfield isn't as easy to use as other accounting apps
Target Customers Universal

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