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Inventory management for wholesale, manufacturing and retail


Unleashed helps businesses to manage and track their inventory.

The system works best in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, and allows users to gain full control of their products, and understand the value and volume of their stock in real-time. With the use of these KPIs, you can make informed decisions.

Unleashed enables businesses to grow, eliminate admin, train faster and save time.

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More Information

Cost Mid-sized businesses - £249 per month – 3 users included | Scaling businesses - £399 per month – 8 users included | Emerging enterprises - £649 per month – 20 users included | Custom subscriptions and free trials available
Competitors Fishbowl | Infoplus | Flowtrac | NetSuite | Agiliron | Finale Inventory | eTurns | SKULabs
Function Inventory Management
USP See your stock, it's value and where it is in real-time
Use Case Unleashed is a cloud based inventory management software that helps businesses to manage and move products by giving control over suppliers, production, warehouses and sales
Features Real time stock management and clarity | Seamless B2B ecommerce store | Recognised integrations including Xero, QuickBooks, Shopify, Salesforce and Amazon | Business intelligence insights to drive successful decision making | Sales-enhancing mobile app so you can empower your sales team anywhere, anytime | Enhanced security with 2-step authentication | File library – choose up to 10GB of files and choose to attach them to your transactions, customers, suppliers and products
Strengths Real time access to stock levels over multiple locations | Import/export large sets of data
Considerations The software isn't very customisable | The user interface can be overwhelming
Target Customers Businesses in manufacturing, retail and wholesale

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