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Cloud-based ERP System


iplicit is a cloud-based accounting software designed to bridge the gap for multi-entity companies and fast-growing businesses who have outgrown or are stretching the entry-level systems to their limitations.

Providing greater flexibility, and enhanced levels of reporting with unlimited dimensions, iplicit can help organisations struggling with legacy, on-premise systems that are seeking to ‘step up’ to next-generation finance software without losing the functionality they currently enjoy.

The software integrates with other cloud applications and offers a migration path from your existing system. iplicit provides users with real-time consolidated reporting capabilities, automation of routine tasks, rapid implementation, and a public API to break down data silos.

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More Information

Cost Priced by project
Competitors Xledger
Function Iplicit is a cloud-based ERP solution
USP Great flexibility and enhanced levels of reporting
Use Case Designed for businesses that have outgrown their entry-level cloud accounting system
Features Group accounting and reporting | Unlimited GL analysis and dimensional reporting | End-to-end sales/purchase order processing and invoicing | Project and job costing | Global tax | Stock and inventory management
Strengths Reduces the need for a large unnecessary digital landscape
Considerations As the software is detailed, it may be expensive for smaller businesses.
Target Customers Mid-market organisations, groups of companies and growing businesses

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