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Syft Analytics is a software provider that allows you to take your simple reports to


Syft Analytics is a software provider that allows you to take your simple reports to complex consolidations, and explore efficient methods of visualising your financial data.

To get the full picture of your business, Syft allows you to connect the software with your pre-existing software. You can connect with Syft to accounting tools such as Sage and Xero with automated daily refreshes, to e-commerce software like Square and Stripe, and ERPs to analyse all your data on a single platform.

With Syft Analytics you can consolidate corporate structure and then visualise, analyse, forecast and report. You can combine entities from any data source, change currencies and ownership on the go, add new entities as your business grows and accommodate acquisition and disposal dates, offset accounts as well as inter-group transactions, and receive multi-currency support.

With Syft Connector you can receive auto-updated reports in Excel and Google Sheets, create custom formulae on live reports without breaking cell references, and connect real-time actuals, budgets, and forecasts with support for transactional level detail.

Syft Analytics has features that implement AI-powered review, risk, and anomaly detection across every transaction. The data review includes the cleanup of duplicates, dormancies, and mis-codings. You receive real-time identification of anomalous accounts and transactions, as well as the opportunity to explore abnormal variances in customers and accounts.

These are some of the key features that Syft Analytics provides:

  • The dashboard feature allows you to build interactive dashboards to track performance across financials, customers, products and operations.
  • Syft Analytics makes it easy to combine graphs, financials and analytics into financial reports that your team can collaborate on in real-time.
  • One of their key features is that their consolidations allow you to seamlessly combine entities across multiple currencies and software providers, and by that eliminate inter-company transactions, allowing you to focus on visualising and reporting.
  • You can create scorecards that monitor the health of your financials, set targets, and work to achieve your business goals.
  • Their forecasting feature allows you to create fully integrated driver-based forecasts, budget for the future, and manage your cash with the power of machine learning.

If you’d like to learn more about Syft, check out the table below. Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our App Centre, please click here!

More Information

Cost Essential: £19 p/m for direct businesses, £99 for firms | Professional: £29 p/m for direct businesses, £199 for firms | Enterprise+: £59 p/m for direct businesses, £399 for firms
Competitors Planful, Workiva, Spendesk, Invoiced, Panaya Change Intelligence
Function Analytics and Reporting
USP Real-time machine learning allows Syft Analytics to identify risk and account anomalies, as well as detect fraud
Use Case Syft Analytics is an AI-powered forecasting tool that reviews, analyses, and predicts financial data. It lets businesses create integrated forecasts and make better financial decisions
Features Multi-currency consolidation, interactive and personalised dashboards, financial reports, scorecards, forecasting, data review, and spreadsheets
Strengths Strong customer support | Plenty of training courses
Considerations -
Target Customers Businesses, accountants and bookkeepers, universities, non-profits and franchises

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