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Build the business dashboard you need for your business Ezora helps businesses to build sophisticated


Build the business dashboard you need for your business

Ezora helps businesses to build sophisticated dashboards with the insights they need. There is plenty of integration potential, with the ability to produce:

  • Real-time P&Ls
  • Individual site performance
  • Employee performance
  • Product performance

Designed for all business sizes and particularly best for the retail and hospitality industry, Ezora is particularly useful for strategic planning and reporting.

Especially useful for management accounting and creating budgeting reports. Works well for internal finance.

Possibility of creating different user types with access to different reports – Ezora environment can be personalised.

Customer satisfaction is high, with users reporting that it is great because it combines all the systems you are using to run your business.

The product is split into two categories:

The financial control engine

Ezora compares and reconciles your data.

It then automates your monthly management accounts.

You can then use that data to speed up budget creation.

The sales and profit growth engine

Ezora helps operational staff to analyse performance against sales.

This information can help the staff to make more effective decisions in the future.

The software can integrate with your POS and Accounting software, so the collection of data is automated and accurate.

This level of automation helps to remove potential human error and preserve data integrity.

If you’d like to learn more about Ezora, check out the table below. Or, if you want to explore more apps, please click here!

More Information

Cost Quoted on a project basis
Competitors Spotlight Reporting, Syft Analytics, Futrli, Dext Precision
Function Understand how your business is running with a personalised dashboard with all the information you need
USP Ezora is more customisable than other providers
Use Case Reporting and Analytics
Features Budgeting and Forecasting, Performance Metrics and Ad Hoc Reports
Strengths Customised dashboard with great data visualisation with trend and problem indicators
Considerations The dashboards are aimed towards mid-sized businesses, as opposed to small-mid
Target Customers Food and Beverage

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Build the business dashboard you need for your business Ezora...

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