Dext Prepare

Author : Frazer Stevens

Store receipts, capture documents and automate your data entry


Dext Prepare is an OCR & scanning platform used to manage the upload and analysis of receipts, invoices, and other documents that businesses depend on to keep accurate and secure financial records.

Dext allows you to send in a document then the automated extraction engine will be able to analyse all of the key data (contact name, date, VAT rate, total etc) and then display it in an easy-to-manage format. This will then connect to an accounting programme such as Xero/Quickbooks, then raise this in the programme, saving you all the time entering it manually.

The image of documents uploaded to Dext will all be kept on the system for a minimum of ten years, allowing you to comply with HMRC compliance and throw away unwanted receipts. 

Dext can really help businesses to save time and reduce human error with integrations and the automatic transfer of data.

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More Information

Cost £22-£65 a month for small-medium businesses | £159-£325 per month for accounting or bookkeeping firms
Competitors AutoEntry, Basecone, Hubdoc, Datamolino
Function Sort, prepare and publish paperwork
USP Dext's business model is based around users, documents and clients, which may be preferable over the other options out there
Use Case Storing, manipulating and uploading data
Features Analyse tax and payment timing
Strengths Dext speeds up bookkeeping, and is efficient
Considerations Some users have struggled with the tax code integration with Xero
Target Customers Business owners and Accountants

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