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Automated Data Entry


Automate your data entry and approve invoices from any device with this OCR & Scanning tool.

Basecone helps businesses to

  • Process Documents in Real-Time
  • Maintain an Efficient and Controlled Workflow
  • Scan and Deliver Documents Fast
  • Submit company expenses
  • Book sales and purchase invoices into your accounting system

Suppliers can send invoices and receipts to a generated email, or you can manually upload invoices to software with an easy drag-and-drop feature. This document is then automatically scanned and held for approval by specific authorisors. Upon approval, the data in this document is booked and sent directly to your accounting system.

Basecone’s automated authorisation workflow allows for payments to be sent to the right employees to be approved each month. These invoices can be approved from anywhere, on any device – including your mobile phone with the Basecone App where you can scan receipts on the go.

The feedback we have received has been positive: clients report that Basecone is easy to use, simple and efficient at handling invoices.

If you’d like to learn more about Basecone, please check out the table below for the breakdown. Or, if you’d like to explore more apps, click here to go to our App Centre!

More Information

Cost Accountants: £8.50 per month, SMEs: £29.00 per month
Competitors Dext, Pleo, Webexpenses, Airbase,, Keap
Function Basecone can help you store and upload documents. The software can then extract required data from the documents and transfer it to your accounting software
USP Priced based on the number of companies, not the number of documents | Includes OCR, Document Authorisation and Expenses in a single system | Bulk booking and management of document authorisation | Scans and Processes information for sales, purchases, bank statements and journals | Can split and merge documents within the application
Use Case Document Scanning and Storage
Features Automated scanning with integration potential. Invoices can be approved from anywhere on any device
Strengths The software has an associated app that allows you to scan and approve invoices and receipts on the go.
Considerations Doesn't scan on a cost centre/department level | No integration with QBO | Doesn't collect invoices via API (but can via UBL)
Target Customers Universal

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