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Automated Data Entry


AutoEntry is a cloud-based solution that automates the analysis and data entry of documents.

The app uses its OCR scanning technology to capture the key details of all invoices, receipts and statements. Once analysed the data (Supplier name, Account code, VAT code etc) can be directly published to the accountancy programme or be exported via excel/csv, ready for import.

 AutoEntry can capture data from the following:

  • Purchase Invoices/Bills and Receipts
  • Purchase Credit Notes
  • Supplier/Vendor Statements
  • Sales Invoices/Bills
  • Sales Credit Notes
  • Bank Statements*
  • Expenses – reimbursable expenses for expense reports

*Including credit/debit card statements and PayPal statements.

The data is then categorized and published in your accounting system

AutoEntry helps SMEs by:

-Automating the data entry process

-Save time by reducing the time spent on data entry

-Reduce the need to carry receipts

AutoEntry helps accounting firms to:

-Spend more time with their clients

-Automate postings

AutoEntry also has an app which enables users to scan, upload and analyse these receipts, on the go. This allows users to approve and flag invoices from anywhere and on any device.

If you’d like to learn more about AutoEntry, check out the table below! Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our library of apps, head over to our App Centre by clicking here!

More Information

Cost A range of packages, from £11 per month (50 credits) - £385 per month (2,500 credits). Custom packages can also be built
Competitors Dext Precision, Quicken, Basecone
Function OCR and Scanning
USP Eliminate the potential human error from data entry
Use Case Storing and collecting data
Features Mobile app to approve and upload invoices on the go | Data can be captured from a wide range of sources
Strengths Speeds up bookkeeping, invoice processing, quick integration with accounting packages
Considerations It could get expensive depending on how much you use it
Target Customers Business owners and Accountants

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