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Expense management for accountants and bookkeepers


Telleroo is an automated bulk payment hub that eliminates the need to key in payment and payee data manually.

Telleroo helps businesses to:

  • Create, review and approve supplier and payroll payments
  • Reconcile the whole payment run quickly
  • De-risk your payment process, new and updated payee details are flagged

Not only does it save time, but it also reduces the risk of error as everything can be pulled through from the accounting software. Thanks to a two-way connection, the matching function in the system will automatically detect which invoices were settled or cancelled and partially complete the reconciliation. All that is then left to do is confirm it.

This system behaves almost like a bank and allows you to set up an approval process. Whenever the pay run is set up, the approvers will then receive a notification to the email. This makes the process more secure.

Sync Telleroo with Xero or Keypay or upload a .csv from Sage, Quickbooks, or your preferred software to save time and reduce the risk of error. Give your teammates permission to create, review and approve payments, stopping the CEO
bottleneck. Merge invoices to the same supplier into one payment and reconcile a whole pay run in one click. For payroll, this means the individual employee’s salaries are hidden. Telleroo will alert you if bank details are updated or a new employee/supplier is added, giving you an extra layer of protection.

KeyPay and Xero have great integration potential, so if you use both pieces of software and you’re looking for an accounts payable solution, Telleroo may be the choice for you!

Looking to learn a bit more about Telleroo? Check out the more information box below! Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our library of apps, please click here.

More Information

Cost Tiered pricing from £25 per month for accountants and bookkeepers and £35 per month for direct businesses, you can move up and down the plans depending on the number of transactions made within a month
Competitors Comma, Crezco
Function Telleroo enables businesses make payroll and supplier payments in bulk
USP Create automated payment process with a built in approval process and handle payroll with ease
Use Case Accounts Payable, Bulk Payments
Features Telleroo integrates with Xero and KeyPay, with invoice processing functionality. Payments can be scheduled for a later date and new and updated payee details are flagged.
Strengths You can import payroll files for processing from payroll software, there is a two way sync with Xero so bills are updated when paid
Considerations Can be costly if there are lots of monthly contracts but you only pay for the number of transactions you make within a month | The only integrations are Xero and KeyPay
Target Customers Accountants, bookkeepers and businesses

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