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Secure Single Sign-On Portal.


Hix is a tool to keep all your apps and login passwords in one safe place. Instead of having to remember dozens of passwords, simply remember one and access all your applications.

With a wide range of widgets to choose from, Hix can help with:

  • Managing your staff and what access they have to different systems.
  • Easily accessing different cloud-based applications without having to save each URL link.
  • Customising your own dashboard to create a work environment that suits your needs.

With a manager portal used specifically for managers, you can control and organise different users and staff in your company. You can even see when a user last logged in and can assign them widgets so they can locate the software they need with ease.  


  • Widgets for each application. You can edit the logo and name and even add 2-factor authentication into the system. This will automatically pull through to the system without having to use an app yourself.
  • Manager Portal
  • Group applications and users into different companies or groups
  • Save Templates here.
  • Notify your users with the Notification tool.

Single sign-on portals can house the apps you need, so the integration list would be too large to include on this page. If you’re unsure of whether Hix will integrate with the software you use, send us a message using the chat box in the bottom right and we’ll be able to help!

If you’d like to learn more about Hix, check out the more information box below. Or, if you’d like to browse our library of apps, please click here!

More Information

Cost Basic: €3.23 per user per month (minimum 20 users) | Premium: €4.30 per user per month (minimum 20 users) | Enterprise: €5.38 per user per month (minimum 20 users)
Competitors OneLogin
Function Hix helps to house all your apps in one place, storing the credentials within the software to automatically log you in without the need to recite your password
USP Store all your credentials in one secure location
Use Case Single Sign-On Portal
Features 1000+ applications
Strengths Customisable dashboard | Manage users and their access to apps | There are extra packages for open questions and documents
Considerations The minimum number of internal users is 20
Target Customers Accountants, IT and Support businesses

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