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Pleo helps you manage your team’s expenses & simplify invoices – whether you’re a smaller business or a large company. 

It is a centralised business spending solution for forward-thinking teams. Pleo enables employees to buy the things they need for work while keeping companies in full control of all spending. It will aim to help you to reduce the amount of time you spend on the expenses process and can integrate with the likes of:

How the pleo ecosystem works:

  1. Buy something using your Pleo card and you will get a notification on your app
  2. Take a picture of your receipt and add any important details (contact, Total. VAT etc) to the Pleo app
  3. The admins get sent the expense for approval

You then integrate this with your accounting software, and you will have a direct feed pulling in the up-to-date statement lines, ready for you to reconcile.

The invoices can help reduce the amount of time you spend on your invoices by allowing you to track and pay invoices in their account’s payable software.

Pleo is a cloud-based system that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and can be integrated with many apps. If it doesn’t directly integrate, Pleo can create custom exports to get the data you want.

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More Information

Cost Starter: Free for up to 3 users, Essential: £35 per month for 3 users, Advanced: £65 per month for 3 users
Competitors Haslle, Mesh Payments, Spendesk, Airbase, Zoho Expense
Function Pleo helps to automate and simplify business spend, making it easy for employees and the business to handle expenses
USP Pleo users save on average 11.5 hours each month on expenses
Use Case Business spend solution
Features Starter: Basic automated expenses | Essential: Full visibility and control in the spending solution | Advanced: Designed for businesses with more entities with custom configuration
Strengths Pleo has a wide range of integrations, and the starter package is free for 3 users, making it a great option for smaller businesses
Considerations Large companies could face a high charge as the payment model is billed by number of users
Target Customers Universal

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