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Inventory management and reporting for hospitality


MarketMan helps operators efficiently forecast menu item demand, eliminates over and under-ordering, drastically reduces time managers and staff spend counting and ordering inventory and increases profitability by eliminating food waste. 

A complete restaurant management platform that simplifies order management and optimizes back-of-house operations, MarketMan features seamless integrations with over 60 Point-of-sale systems that retrieve menu items sold in real-time and automatically synchronise with your inventory to ensure every sale, modification, and substitution is logged and depleted from your inventory.

Here are some of the popular integrations:

  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Lightspeed
  • Square
  • Toast

When you integrate your POS system and accounting system into MarketMan, you build a software ecosystem that automatically posts transactions, maintains your stock count, and helps the business stay efficient in control of its inventory.

Running low on stock? You’ll be able to see this early, and can order more with plenty of time to spare. Managing inventory in this way also helps you to see trends which you can prepare for.

If you’d like to learn more about MarketMan, check out the table below or get in touch with the team by clicking here. If you’d like to continue browsing our App Centre, please click here!

More Information

Cost Operator: £149 per month | Professional: £199 per month | Ultimate: £329 per month
Competitors Fourth, Kitchen Cut, ProcureWizard, Apicbase, Craftable, Restaurant365, MarginEdge
Function Inventory Management, Reporting & Analytics
USP Streamline everything from inventory to budgeting, reporting, and supplier management.
Use Case MarketMan is a complete restaurant management platform that helps restaurants keep costs under control by simplifying inventory, order management and optimising back-of-house operations.
Features Purchasing & Order Management | Cloud-based Inventory Management | Automated profitability & menu reporting | Waste Management and product loss analysis | Suggestive Ordering based on existing PAR levels and predictive analysis | Recipe Management to build profitable menu items | Seamless integrations with over 60 POS systems | Accounting & Supplier Integrations
Strengths MarketMan is extremely accessible, and provides valuable tools and analytics to a wide variety of food & beverage businesses in over 55 countries and 9 different languages, with over 60 point-of-sale integrations and various accounting & distributor/supplier integrations.
Considerations MarketMan is not a great fit for businesses who make less than £500,000 in annual sales.
Target Customers SMB & Mid-Market F&B Businesses (1-50 locations)

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