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Scanning & Accounts Payable


Lightyear helps large SMEs & enterprise-level businesses with their Purchasing & Accounts Payable processes. 

End-to-end approvals workflows allow purchase orders & bills to be approved fast.

Lightyear’s business intelligence feature, LExA enables businesses to get a real-time overview of their payables data & allows them to make smarter & better-informed cashflow & forecasting decisions.

Lightyear doesn’t rely on the industry standard OCR tech for scanning but uses its own tech to complete this with higher accuracy than standard OCR.

Offering seamless integrations with most major accounting software, 24-hr local support, partnership programs, and a 30-day free trial, Lightyear can help bring AP automation into your business.

Lightyear helps large SMEs by: 

  • Removing manual data entry
  • Streamlining approval processes
  • Enabling growing businesses to scale more easily

Lightyear helps accountants and bookkeepers to: 

  • Spend more time helping their clients make more informed decisions
  • Have a better overview of their client’s finances
  • Provide more accurate reports, faster
  • Grow their practice and spend time on value-added tasks

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Lightyear, check out the table below. Or if you’d like to keep exploring our library of fintech knowledge, please click here!

More Information

Cost Starter: £89 for 125 monthly credit allowance | Business: £129, £299 or £399 | Enterprise: £699, £1,299 or £2,399
Competitors AutoEntry, Basecone, Dext Prepare, Hubdoc
Function Scanning and Accounts Payable
USP Lightyear has its own scanning technology, and uses OCR as a backup
Use Case Purchasing and Accounts Payable Automation
Features LExA, an instant and 100% accurate data extraction tool | An automated price-check mechanism | Automated Purchase Order management | Automated approvals workflow | 3-way matching on line-item level | Automated statement reconciliation | Advanced business intelligence reporting | Mobile app for on the go approvals | Audit compliant archive
Strengths 100% Accurate Line-Item Data Extraction | 3 Way Line Item Matching | Free 24hr local support | Automated supplier statement reconciliation
Considerations May not be suitable for businesses processing under 250 invoices per month
Target Customers Businesses that process over 500 invoices per month, have multiple sites/entities and have multiple approvers

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