How user-friendly is Xero for individuals

How user-friendly is Xero for individuals with limited accounting knowledge? 

19 September

Jordan Reader

Xero is a leading cloud-based accounting software company that focuses on facilitating small businesses in their missions to thrive in today’s competitive markets.  Their software connects small business owners, not only to their finances, but also their advisors and banks too. Founded in 2006, Xero now has 3.7 million subscribers and is a leader in cloud accounting across New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.  As their reputation for excellence grows, more customers are flocking towards them.  This increasing trend in the uptake of Xero can be partially attributed to the rise in prominence of cloud-based accounting solutions in general.  Customers are surging towards cloud accounting methods, for the convenience, accessibility and cost-effectiveness they bring to their business.  Yet, despite the vast number of cloud accounting providers on the market, Xero is still the market leader.  This could be for many reasons, but customer feedback has revealed that the predominant reason Xero sets itself apart from its competitors and becomes the preferred cloud accounting provider is for its user-friendly interface.  Even users with limited accounting knowledge are empowered to efficiently manage their finances, because they can easily get to grips with the system’s functionalities, thanks to its intuitive design.      

Xero also offer new clients the opportunity to experience a free 30-day trial of Xero before fully committing to a subscription. New sign-up offers are always up for grabs! Xero users are confident that once you have tried their accounting software during your 30-day trial and experienced its user-friendly abilities for yourself, you will be ready to go ahead with a purchase.  

The support that Xero offers you from the offset, removes the feeling of being daunted by a new system and instead makes you feel completely comfortable with transitioning to using the new system. Whether you are trying or buying Xero you can jump straight into accessing training videos.  They are designed to give a gentle start to using the system, which you can take step by step and at your own pace.  The tutorials work alongside the intuitive system, enhancing how user-friendly the whole experience is and helping customers get started, even if they have limited accounting knowledge.  There is a fully equipped library of tutorials and guides that cover a range of topics and enable you to pick and choose the areas you would like training on.   To supplement this, Xero experts, such as 4PointZero, also regularly host webinars, which provide more in-depth insights into aspects of the accounting platform.  During these, users can interact with Xero’s accounting experts to ascertain how to fully utilise the software.  As further support, users can access an extensive array of articles, learning courses and materials, and online support.   Xero Central is Xero’s help center and accessible online.  It is a self-help for you to search for the information that you need.  Xero Central is a comprehensive knowledge hub, equipped with articles, FAQs and troubleshooting guides.  These are two further options to help you solve your query. If you do not find the answer here, you may find the answer by accessing Xero’s community forum.  This is a thriving platform where users can engage with a community of peers and Xero experts to draw on their knowledge for answers to their questions.  They can also access shared experiences via this medium too.  If you are still seeking the resolution to your query, you also have the option to contact Xero support to raise a case.  This online support is free and available 24/7 for all subscribers.  Your case will be directed to the most suitable team who will provide you with the necessary information.  For those users with limited accounting knowledge, most of the time the intuitive system will help you work it out, but on those rare occasions that you do need further explanation or support you know that Xero offers a wealth of resources through its various channels that can assist you too.  

Knowing that their main captive audience is small businesses, who are often starting their businesses and commonly have lower accounting expertise, Xero have specifically designed their systems to be intuitive and accessible for all.  They have excelled in simplifying complex accounting tasks through their menus, icons and easy-to-follow steps.  You can create professional invoices, set up automated reminders for overdue payment and accept online payments, with third party apps.  Expense tracking couldn’t be simpler, with easy-to-follow menu options to guide you through uploading receipts, categorising expenses and reconciling transactions with bank feeds.         

Xero likes to take special care of their customers and have proved themselves firmly committed to ensuring accessibility for all users.  Their levels of inclusivity include focusing on catering for customers with physical abilities or impairments.  For those customers with mobility issues, they have created keyboard shortcuts that allow users to navigate and perform tasks without using a mouse.  In a similar vain, visually impaired customers can access screen reading software like JAWS and VoiceOver to help them fully utilise Xero software.  Xero’s commitment to accessibility shines through and making their software accessible for all strengthens their reputation for promoting financial inclusivity and empowerment.         

Using predefined account templates, users can proceed next to setting up their chart of accounts suited to their business type, which categorises their income, expenditure, assets and liabilities.  After that, they can connect their bank accounts to their new Xero account, so seamless transaction imports and bank reconciliation can take place.  

Indeed, a multitude of repetitive accounting tasks are automated within the Xero system to make life simpler for users with limited accounting knowledge.  Bank reconciliation automatically matches bank account transactions with invoice and expense records, with any discrepancies being flagged for review.   Additionally, an array of customisable templates is available that create a professional appearance for companies and can be tailored to reflect their brand and payment terms, ready for use when invoices and expense claims need to be issued.  Other user-friendly aspects of Xero software are recurring transaction and automated reminder functionalities.  For individuals with limited accounting knowledge, the process of managing recurring bills and subscriptions is simplified and taken care of by the software.  Plus, invoice reminders can be distributed once users have set parameters for overdue payments and scheduled them.  This ensures a consistent cash flow, freeing up time and energy for business owners to focus on driving their business instead of struggling with the financial aspects of their business they may not be accustomed to.    

The system itself is renowned for being easy for first-time users to use and Xero takes great pride in the strong reputation held by its intuitive dashboard.  The visual simplicity allows users to quickly grasp their financial status without the need to delve into complex financial reports.  The dashboard possesses a clean and organised layout, which gives an at-a-glance real time overview of essential financial information, comprising of bank account balances, expense claims and outstanding invoices.  This is enhanced by the ease with which you can navigate through the system.  The menu structure is straightforward and flows logically.  Users with limited accounting knowledge can effortlessly access key features like invoicing, expense tracking and payroll, without the prior need for extensive training.  Instead of facing a steep learning curve, these new users feel at ease and unintimidated by what could have been a very complex system without Xero’s intricate planning and investment.       

In conclusion, Xero’s user friendly interface and commitment to accessibility make it an ideal choice for individuals with limited accounting knowledge.  From its intuitive setup process, automated task handling, customisable templates, to its educational resources, Xero is designed with the user in mind.   Their aim is to enable users to confidently navigate the system, so that they can build their confidence in managing their financial and accounting processes.  They know that this will ultimately help them achieve their main goal of driving success across their business.   

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