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Reporting, analysis and forecasting


Fathom is a reporting, analysis and forecasting application that integrates with a range of software including Xero and QuickBooks and manages detailed forecasting, management reporting and consolidations.

The app is best suited for small-medium businesses, business advisors and franchises/groups. There are specific report templates for each, ensuring that small-medium businesses get the correct growth insights, business advisors can produce management reports, and franchises can send specialised reports to franchisees.

Fathom helps businesses with:

Financial Analysis

  • Monitor KPIs
  • Develop greater insight into your business

Management Reporting

  • Scheduled reports, ensuring management reports are sent frequently
  • Automate the reporting process

Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Analyse different scenarios, and monitor the impact of your plans
  • Project cash flow statements, P&Ls and balance sheets

If you’d like to learn more about Fathom, check out the table below. Or, if you want to explore more apps, please click here!

More Information

Cost 1 licence is £33 pm per company | 10 companies are £175pm with additional companies £20 pm each | 25 companies are £250 with additional companies £8 pm each | 50 companies are £400pm with additional companies £7 pm each
Competitors Spotlight Reporting, Ezora, Syft Analytics, Flagship Reporting
Function Fathom helps businesses to understand their numbers and can offer useful forecasts
USP Connect data sources to create reports and dashboards with an intuitive interface
Use Case Reporting, Analysis and Forecasting
Features 3-way cashflow forecasting, with a flexible pricing plan as you scale
Strengths Provides detailed insights into the health and performance of the business. Up to 500 assumptions are permitted in a forecast
Considerations There are a limited number of columns available in reports, which can make it impossible to create certain reports
Target Customers Primarily Accountants and Finance Teams

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