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Datamolino is a software that automatically extracts and processes all data from invoices, bills, receipts, and bank statements. Datamolino automates invoice processing in three simple steps. First, you forward email receipts to Datamolino and upload the rest via email, the web, or the mobile app. Next, Datamolino learns from your transaction coding and automates the process of invoice coding and categorisation. Then you can review transactions before exporting or set up automatic export to the accounting software of your choice.  

Datamolino’s data capture features can capture headers, footers, invoice descriptions, and line items which allows you to export inventory items to your accounting. Their automated document processing features include the setup of smart automation rules for your business or clients with multiple locations, branches, or departments.

You can scan and send multiple invoices in one file and Datamolino will split it automatically for you. It can also flag duplicates in case you upload the same document multiple times. You can add as many users and folders to your account as you need at no extra cost. To decrease errors, you can set up approval workflows to ensure that purchase bills are approved before you export them to your accounting software.  

Datamolino integrates with various software providers such as Xero, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Acumatica and you can also integrate other software through their API solution.

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More Information

Cost 150 documents a month costs £39 per month | 500 documents a month costs £119 per month | 1500 documents a month costs £255 per month | 2500 documents a month costs £400 per month
Competitors SAP Concur, Ramp, Airbase, Stampli, and Coupa
Function Automated invoice processing
USP Smart automation rules feature
Use Case Designed for businesses to automate their invoice, receipt, and purchase bill processing
Features Smart data capture, automated document processing, their own document scanning app, and team collaboration
Strengths No extra costs for adding additional users
Considerations The optional fees for PDFs containing multiple documents that require separate processing is charged an additional fee of £0.02 per invoice and £0.05 per sheet for bank statements
Target Customers Small to medium businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers

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