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Financial integration platform


The number of applications relied on by accounting and finance is increasing. Only by integrating those applications can your business unleash the value of best-in-class. 

DataBlend is an integration platform dedicated to finance and accounting.  

Whether your tech stack includes cloud or on-premise applications (e.g., ERP, CRM, HR/payroll, budgeting, financial close, etc.), DataBlend delivers the integrations you need at the lowest total cost of ownership. 

DataBlend empowers your finance team by: 

  • Eliminating manual CSV or Excel extractions, transformations, and uploads 
  • Keeping data across systems in sync 
  • Ensuring timely and accurate reporting 
  • Eradicating human errors 
  • Maximising your tech stack’s value 

Accounting and finance professionals need to invest in building the connections they need to run an efficient and scalable operation. DataBlend makes getting all your integrations up and running straightforward, with a no-code, low-code solution that delivers fast, reliable, and secure integrations, without burdening internal IT resources. 

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More Information

Cost Starting at £5,000 per year to connect two systems
Competitors Boomi | Mulesoft | Celigo | Informatica
Function Integration platform as a service (iPaaS)
USP Finance focused, lowest total cost of ownership
Use Case Automating data flows between applications
Features Scheduling | Email notifications | Data quality reporting | No code/low code setup | Cloud integration | Secure FTP integration | On-premise database integration | Unlimited transformations
Strengths Broad range of connectors | Finance focused | Pricing
Considerations Need to consider whether the cost is worth the time saving/error prevention compared to manually transferring data
Target Customers Universal

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