Client Engager

Author : Cecilie Langvik

Unlimited user solution for accountants


Client Engager is a complete practice management solution designed by accountants for accountants and bookkeepers.

The software allows you to set up a client in less than 10 minutes, including signing the letter of engagement, signing up to the GDPR portal, sending professional clearance, set up a recurring payment plan, request their bank data and create the work flow.

Client Engager’s mission is to provide a platform that has every feature available for users. The software is priced by client count, eliminating the burden of paying for additional users.

Here are some of the features included in every subscription: 


To ensure that Client Engager has a reasonable price every company gets unlimited users, and the price is instead determined by number of clients.  

Client portal

To ensure that your practice is GDPR compliant it is important to have a client portal. You can embed the portal into your practice website, a place for your clients to visit and upload and download their documents.  

Letter of engagement

Client Engager allows you to produce letter of engagement in seconds, all you have to do is select the services, fee periods and responsibilities, and the letter is completed. The built in electronic signature capability also allows for clients to sign the letter of engagement quickly.  


Manage contract signing from within the software

Service creations

To make the software more personalised you have the option to create services that are specific to you company.  

Data storage 

Client Engager allows you to connect with third party apps such as Quickbooks, Companies House, and Crezco. Within the next few months you can also connect with third parties such as Xero and HM Revenue & Customs.  

If you’d like to learn more about Client Engager, check out the table below. Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our App Centre, please click here!

More Information

Cost £9 per month for 0-10 clients | £19 per month for 11-50 clients | £29 per month for 51-100 clients | £49 per month for 101-250 clients | £99 per month for 251-500 clients | £149 per month for 501-750 clients | £199 per month for 751-1000 clients | Custom quote for more clients
Competitors Leapsome, Kazoo, Sage HR, SurveySparrow, Keka
Function Practice management
USP Clients can reject a document and explain why - this avoids delay with rejected documents
Use Case Client Engager allows accountants to increase their efficiency and stores all the important information in one place
Features Unlimited users | Built in E-signatures capability | Efficiently create a letter of engagement | Create your own client portal | Customise service creations | Store your own and your clients data
Strengths Unlimited users | Pricing calculated based on number of clients | Free online tutorials | Free support
Considerations As the pricing is based on clients and not users, it may not be suitable for everyone
Target Customers Accountants and Bookkeepers

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