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Get paid on time with built in credit checks


Chaser is an accounts receivable automation software that allows businesses to automatically chase and collect late payments, track debtors and improve their working capital.

You can connect Chaser to your existing work tools in seconds with their easy integrations. You can reduce the manual work that you do, so you don’t need to bounce between systems to copy and paste data sets together. This also reduces the risk of errors as the data is synchronised. With Chaser API you can integrate the software regardless of your business’ accounting system, CRM, or ERP.

Key features:

  • Dedicated self-service customer payment portal
  • SMS payment reminders
  • Credit checks
  • Reports and analytics

A key feature of Chaser is the ability to provide your customers with a dedicated self-service customer payment portal that they can access through secure links in invoices, email reminders, and SMS payment reminders. The payment portal allows your customers to make payments and view, in real-time, how much they owe you and when the payment is due.

Providing payment links in the invoices makes it easy and convenient for customers to pay without having to navigate to a separate website or system. Payment links also help to reduce errors in the payment process, as they can pre-fill details like the payment amount, reducing the risk of input mistakes.

Chaser allows you to set up automated SMS payment reminders to reduce the need for manual follow-ups. Payment reminders via SMS have a higher open rate than other forms of communication, therefore your payment reminders are more likely to be seen and acted on. Your SMS payment reminders can be personalised with your customer’s name, the amount owed, and the due date, making them more relevant and engaging. The SMS payment reminders are designed to be easily readable and actionable on a mobile device, as many customers may prefer to use their smartphones for payment-related tasks. Implementing SMS payment reminders can also allow you to reduce costs as an SMS can be less expensive than other forms of follow-up, like phone calls.

Chaser allows you to reduce credit risk with up-to-date reports and alerts on your customers. With credit checks available in Chaser you can reduce the need for multiple credit tools. You can automatically pull credit reports and credit scores, reducing the need for manual credit checks. This streamlines the approval process as it’s all in the same software. The credit reports allow you to make informed decisions about potential customers based on their overall financial health, credit history and payment patterns. You can monitor and manage every customer’s credit risk with alerts, reducing the risk of having customers defaulting on payments.

If you’d like to learn more about Chaser, check out the table below. Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our App Centre, please click here!

More Information

Cost Tiered pricing from £39 to £299 per month based on the number of invoices| Starter: £39 per month | Standard: £99 per month | Enterprise: £299 per month |
Competitors Invoiced, Bill, Cleonis, Billtrust, Synder
Function Chaser helps businesses to get paid faster by their customers through automated invoice chasing.
USP Chase up customers in a way that won't impact your customer relations
Use Case Payment Chasing
Features Chaser automatically reconciles with the accounting software to ensure you don't chase invoices that have been paid. The app integrates with a number of accounting platforms, including Xero, QuickBooks and Sage
Strengths Easy to navigate, with a clear dashboard. You have flexibility over who you chase and when you chase them and the onboarding service and support is good
Considerations The setup process can take time to set up, and it can be costly depending on the number of invoices chased each month
Target Customers Accountants and Bookkeepers

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