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File sharing & storage


Box is a cloud-based management tool for collaboration and file sharing. The software allows users to store and manage files on an online system that can be accessed from any device.

Box has advanced security controls, allowing you to bring security to the forefront of your business. The software is designed to support collaboration between your team, partners and vendors.

E-signatures can be added to documents with ease, helping to speed up the process of contract signing and agreements.

With 1,500+ integrations, box can allow your team to work efficiently across the board.

For finance teams, box can help with:

– Invoice management

– Contract management

– Fiscal planning and budget management

– Vendor onboarding

– Audit testing

The software allows for the creation of a custom financial documents hub, keeping all your financial content in one secure location.

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More Information

Cost Business: £12 per user per month | Business Plus: £20 | Enterprise: £28 | Enterprise Plus: Custom quote
Competitors Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, ShareFile, Zoho WorkDrive
Function File Storage and Sharing
USP Deep OS integration
Use Case Box allows users to store and share files with ease in a secure environment
Features Cloud-based content management system | Collaboration, security, analytics | File storage in the cloud but can also be downloaded | Invite clients or other collaborators to add to the existing file | Files protected with TLS encryption | Audit information provided | Integrates with common business applications (over 1500 of them) – particularly Microsoft ones
Strengths The admin tools are good | High levels of security
Considerations Can be costly for larger customers as it is billed by users
Target Customers Universal

Integrated Apps

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Tue 25 2022


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