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Global b2b payments


Airwallex is a global payment and financial platform for modern businesses. It removes costs and frictions associated with the traditional financial systems in order to allow businesses to achieve their global aims. The platform provides companies with business accounts and payment services.

Airwallex can help:

– Set up multi-currency accounts

– International payments

– Building FX rates into payments

– Direct debits

– Expenses and their reconciliation

– Management of treasury

Its main advantage is that it enhances the business’s experience within global banking. Clients can now create corporate and employee expense cards which can be spent globally in over 10 currencies. Moreover, they can save on any overseas collections from customers and convert multiple currencies at market-leading FX rates.

It seamlessly integrates with Xero through hourly syncs, as well as allows you to set up bank feeds for each currency that the business operates in and therefore automatically reconciles the accounts.

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More Information

Cost Free to start, but there are charges for FX conversions, employee cards and wallets.
Competitors GoCardless, Crezco, Comma, Stripe
Function Cross-border payment platform
USP Global financial infrastructure | Multi-currency wallet
Use Case International payments | E-commerce,
Features Multi-Currency Accounts: Users can open and manage multi-currency accounts, allowing them to receive, hold, and transfer funds in different currencies | Virtual and Physical Cards: Airwallex provides virtual and physical payment cards linked to the user’s account, enhancing flexibility in spending | API Integration: Airwallex offers APIs that businesses can integrate into their systems for seamless payment processing and financial management
Strengths Cost-effective | Efficient | User-friendly
Considerations Availability and certain features might vary by region, limiting access for some potential users
Target Customers SMEs, E-commerce and freelancers

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