What problems do 4PointZero solve?

7 January

Jamie Allen

4PointZero deliver Integrated Cloud-based Financial Systems/Solutions to Mid-Sized/Blue-Chip Companies. We are not an expensive ERP solution provider, but an automated, bespoke, and tailored finance-focused product designed to service your specific businesses’ needs. Some but not all the solutions we provide will include:

Upscaling or Implementing Accounting Systems

Businesses growing or with an ambition to grow quickly may rapidly find themselves restricted by the ability to produce financial data quickly and accurately to enable them to make strategic business decisions or present information to key stakeholders efficiently. With Robust Financial Systems and processes that allow your business to grow with no time impact on your finance staff, you will be able to produce the necessary reports on demand.

Unlimited Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Some accounting systems have limits on the number of tracking fields you can apply to transactions, which can limit reporting and analysis. This can be in terms of the number of categories (e.g. projects, departments, managers, regions, products) or within those categories how many options exist within these. I.e., if you have many projects, some systems will only allow 100 project names/codes before you have to reuse old codes. Our systems have no limitations in this regard to achieve optimal results.

Business Dashboarding

Many businesses have the desire to understand how their business is performing right now. With real-time dashboarding for specific key numbers, you can get an accurate overview at the touch of a button to ensure your business is running like clockwork. This can be for an individual part of your business or as a summary of various business units compared to each other.

Unlimited KPI reporting for financial and non-financial data

With all the various systems within your business integrated supplying every detail about business performance at the most granular level including potential items such time, wastage, Average Transaction value, Upselling Capture rates, Productivity, Billability, Occupancy etc., we have infinite possibilities in how this can be presented or analysed and turned into useful and actionable metrics.

Operational Business Performance Reporting

Many financial systems will provide financial analysis. This, however, only provides the result in terms of business financial performance. Operational performance will largely determine the financial outcome of your financial analysis. Therefore, having the ability to truly understand the levers affecting the efficiencies within your business at an operational level will power your business into higher levels of profitability and cash generation.

If you need help with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at www.4pointzero.co.uk.

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