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Tech firms launch partnership to help hospitality and leisure businesses modernise their finance functions

23 August

Jamie Allen

Virgate, the dynamic finance team, has announced a new partnership with software provider 4PointZero to help hospitality, leisure and retail operators revolutionise their approach to operations and finance.

The partnership will give Virgate customers industry-leading, real-time financial and operational reports, in an easy to digest format, all accessible in one place and at the click of a button. Uniquely,

4PointZero offers dashboards that have been designed specifically for hospitality, incorporating many sector specific features, including insight on ‘click and collect’ sales and cash-ups to help protect against fraud.

Sarah Travell, Founder and CEO of Virgate, said: “Hospitality and retail businesses have been two of the hardest hit sectors of the economy as a result of the pandemic, and have had to pivot and adopt new technologies in order to survive. This new appreciation of the transformational power of digital solutions is here to stay and we’re excited to be helping businesses and operators take a modern approach to managing their finances.

“We take a digital-led approach, ensuring our clients have access to the very best technology and systems to simplify their finance operations and to extract quicker, better information to drive performance. Our partnership with 4PointZero is a brilliant illustration of this – and we are delighted to be able to bring our customers live reporting, 24/7 access and some transformational analytical tools. It’s a partnership that will make a genuine difference and help our clients through the on-going rebuild and recovery ahead, beyond the pandemic and with the further easing of restrictions.”

Jamie Allen, Managing Partner at 4PointZero, said: “After meeting Virgate through an advisory group, it soon became apparent how aligned we were in the solutions we wanted to deliver to business owners. Very few providers deliver sector specific technology and expertise for hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes.

“Together, our goal is to provide our customers with the only finance package and services truly designed and specifically focused on meeting the needs of these sectors. I am extremely excited by the level of value we can provide to business owners together by ensuring businesses have access to the best tools and advice at the right price to enable them to bounce back and perform better than ever.”

Virgate and 4PointZero are already working with more than 480 franchised and independent units across the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors between them.

About Virgate

Virgate provides dynamic finance and accountancy services for hospitality, leisure and retail businesses. Using cutting edge technology and finance solutions, Virgate is a ‘plug in and play’ extension of its clients’ core teams, working alongside finance directors and boards of growing SMEs to provide first class, rapid MI to run their business better and give stakeholders a reassuring clear picture.

By operating a digital-led approach, Virgate helps its clients to modernise their approach to accountancy and finance, delivering accurate results and doing away with outdated and unreliable methods.

Virgate is used by more than 50 companies as their finance team partner – its founder and CEO   Sarah Travell values the client focussed and friendly service delivered by Virgate.

For more information about Virgate and its dynamic solutions, please visit   

About 4PointZero

4PointZero offers cloud solutions specifically designed to guide global businesses across a number of different sectors through the migration and implementation processes of modern cloud-based finance systems, including tailored reporting and integrations so your finance team can focus on more value-adding aspects of their role. 

4PointZero helps businesses achieve tomorrow’s goals TODAY. For more information, please visit our website at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do Cloud Finance Solutions Benefit Businesses?

Cloud finance solutions offer numerous benefits to businesses. They streamline financial processes, enhance collaboration among teams, and provide real-time insights into financial data. These solutions also improve data security through advanced encryption and authentication measures, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

What Features Should I Look for in a Cloud Finance Solution?

When considering cloud finance solutions, it’s important to look for features such as automated financial reporting, customizable dashboards, integration capabilities with other business tools, multi-currency support, and data visualization options. The ability to handle complex financial scenarios and provide accurate forecasting should also be considered.

Are Cloud Finance Solutions Secure?

Yes, modern cloud finance solutions prioritize security. They implement robust security measures like data encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR and SOC 2. It’s recommended to choose solutions from reputable providers with a track record of strong security practices.

How Does Data Migration Work with Cloud Finance Solutions?

Data migration to cloud finance solutions involves transferring financial data from existing systems to the cloud environment. It’s crucial to plan and execute data migration carefully to ensure data integrity and minimize disruptions. Many providers offer tools and services to assist in this process.

How Can I Choose the Right Cloud Finance Solution for My Business?

Choosing the right cloud finance solution involves assessing your business’s specific needs, budget constraints, required features, and scalability requirements. It’s recommended to evaluate multiple providers, read user reviews, and consider engaging in product demonstrations or trials before making a decision.

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