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Connecting businesses to investors


Swoop Funding is a financial platform that helps you discover all the business funding options for your company in one place. 

The software helps with:

  • Business loans
  • Business grants
  • Equity financing
  • Expense savings

They help by assessing your business needs and matching funding to your business to make sure it is right for you. The service they provide is free and they make their money from getting paid by the funding provider for referring you to them. 

Think of it as the easy way to find funding for your business without doing all the leg work of researching all the options, seeing if you are eligible, and applying to multiple different options. The options they offer match you to traditional loans, equity finance, grants, commercial mortgages, start-up loans, and R&D tax credits.  

Their website also allows you to check your business credit score, compare business bank accounts, compare business insurers and gain knowledge on reducing costs for your business.  

Getting started is easy, simply just register to access your dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of your funding and savings options and you can manage your applications from the dashboard. You can integrate your bank account with Swoop and instantly access your bespoke expenditure and savings report. With Swoop you can keep track of your options as your circumstances and business change, easily submit your applications, and get updates on your performance and metrics.  

To find out more about Swoop, check out the table below. Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our App Centre, please click here!

More Information

Cost Free to use
Competitors Funding Xchange, Capitalise, Lending Advisor, Ezbob, Aryza and ConnectedFi.
Function Swoop Funding helps you discover all the business funding options for your business in one place and they match the needs of your business with the funding options that is best for you.
USP Compares all types of business funding in one place and it is free of charge for users
Use Case Find the best business funding for your business, based on your needs and your vision
Features Funding matching technology | Comparison of business insurance | Business advice and credit score check
Strengths Easy use and set up, plus large amounts of useful information for new business owners
Considerations -
Target Customers Business owners and people wanting to start a business

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