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Accounting toolkit for Sole Traders and CIS


Kletta helps you to run your business better if you work as a Sole Trader, under CIS or are a Landlord.

The software helps you to:

  • Keep track of expenses
  • Manage travel
  • Invoice easier
  • Receive payments

Kletta gives visibility and control of your cash flow at all times giving you the business insights you need.

The Kletta mobile app allows you to create invoices easily on your phone, issue receipts and take card payments to complete a sale. For CIS workers, the app can create CIS invoices which reflect your status. Record your travel for mileage expense claims by easily recording your journey at the time, or by claiming your mileage at a later date. With the app, you can manage expenses by simply taking a photo of your expense receipt on the go. When you have created a sales invoice in Kletta, you can take card payments with a SumUp card reader and issue receipts to enhance customer experience.

Kletta also makes communication with your accountant easier via the in-app chat function.

Simply open a chat with your accountant and they can help you with any issue you have – even with the ability to take control of your app once permitted by their Kletta dashboard and edit your records in support of your business.

With Kletta you have the choice to connect to your bank account to see all your business-related bank account transactions within the app.

If you’d like to learn more about Kletta, check out the table below. Or, if you’d like to continue browsing our App Centre, please click here!

More Information

Cost Free trial for 3 months and then it’s £5 per user per month for the accounting package
Competitors Xero Go, get Coconut, Quickbooks Self-Employed, and Freeagent Sole Traders
Function Accounting toolkit for Sole Traders
USP Users can create sales invoices, take card payments on the spot and send out sales receipts
Use Case From keeping track of expenses and travel, to easy invoicing and taking payments, Kletta gives visibility and control of your cashflow.
Features Invoicing, card payments, receipts, track milage, track expenses, live chat with accountant, option to connect Kletta to your bank account
Strengths All the features are available on the app, making it easy for day to day life
Considerations -
Target Customers All the features are available on the app, making it easy for the day to day life

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