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IRIS is an accountancy software that allows you to manage compliance, expand your services and


IRIS is an accountancy software that allows you to manage compliance, expand your services and grow your business. IRIS automates repetitive tasks and simplifies complicated ones, offering an average time saving of 22 hours per user, each month.

Their accountancy solution provides many useful tools for businesses of all sizes. Their software and services are designed to automate every possible aspect of your day-to-day tasks. Some of their most popular accountancy features are IRIS Hosting and IRIS Outsourcing. IRIS hosting allows you to create a cloud-based office to work from anywhere, and IRSI Outsourcing gives you the option of cost-effective and reliable third-party outsourcing of core accounting and payroll processes.

IRIS’s HR overview allows you to manage an organisation with 250-10,000 employees and reduce resource-intensive tasks, which can help you focus more on the human side. It also includes a payroll overview, ensuring every pay run is a success and all the complexities are taken care of. The HR overview function also includes recruitment software and consulting services.

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More Information

Cost The costs of IRIS’s software depends on the needs, size and requirements of your business
Competitors Xero, Quickbooks, Twinfield, Xledger, Sage, Karbon, TaxDome, Canopy, Deel and Rippling
Function Manage finances, HRMC and payroll in one software
USP IRIS have specialised their software for Schools and Trust with IRIS Ed:gen, Financials, ParentMail and Central
Use Case Accountancy, HR and Payroll
Features Automation of day to day tasks, outsourcing, cloud-based office, payroll, and HR overview
Strengths Provides automation of payroll for business of varying sizes and automation of accountancy tasks
Considerations It is a large system so it might be costly to train all staff on how to use it
Target Customers Business owner, accountants, HR staff, and schools/trusts

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