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Ignition offers impressive online proposals and automated engagement letters, making it simple to engage with clients,


Ignition offers impressive online proposals and automated engagement letters, making it simple to engage with clients, get paid, and run your accounting or professional services business on autopilot. 

Here are some capabilities and key features of Ignition:

Engagement letter and proposal creation

Ignition helps users to create engagement letters and custom proposals. This feature simplifies the onboarding process by providing an efficient and professional way to outline the scope of services.

Workflow management

Ignition helps users to manage their tasks, team members, and deadlines with workflow tools. This helps projects to be finished within budget and on time.

Reporting and analytics

Ignition helps users to access real-time analytics, which boosts the decision-making process. Users can track KPIs such as revenue, client acquisition, and profitability.

Automated billing and payment

Ignition can automate the billing process. Users can set up invoice schedules and recurring payments. Clients can pay via credit card or bank transfer online, which reduces late payments and saves time.

Ignition integrates with Xero and Quickbooks so if you use either system in your firm, Ignition may be the app for you!

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More Information

Cost Starter: £55 per month | Professional: £109 per month | Scale: £275 a month (All billed annually)
Competitors GoProposal
Function Ignition helps businesses to get paid on time, and makes the proposal process easier
USP Automating the client onboarding and billing process for accounting and bookkeeping professionals
Use Case Automated Proposals
Features Client payments can be automated | Centralized billing, Online proposal management
Strengths Integrates well with Xero and Quickbooks
Considerations You can't refund customers within the platform | Money can take 4-6 days to reach the bank account
Target Customers Accountants and Bookkeepers

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