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A Guide to Choosing the Right Film Accounting Software for your Production Company

15 May


Film production is an intricate and challenging process, involving a multitude of tasks, from casting to camera work to editing and post-production. One area that often gets overlooked, but is crucial to the success of any project, is accounting.  Significant financial planning and management is essential if a complex process such as this is to be managed efficiently.  Managing finances can be daunting, but having the right film accounting software can make all the difference and help you to track and analyse expenses, prepare and manage budgets, generate accurate financial reports and forecast potential income. 

What is the purpose of a production budget?

Many film production companies still rely on spreadsheets or hire accountants to handle their financial data, which can be messy and time-consuming. Whether you manage the spreadsheets yourself or wait for your accountant’s response, it requires extra effort to access precise information.

A production budget serves as a crucial tool for various stages of a project, and there are several key uses for a film budgeting template. Whether you are bidding on a significant commercial project or have already been greenlit for pre-production on a feature film, your specific project requirements will determine the most suitable film budgeting software for you.

  1. Winning a bid: Producers utilize film budgeting software to bid on projects or raise funds for a project they intend to create. During this stage, budgets are prepared to demonstrate a clear understanding of the project and to propose the estimated costs for producing it.
  2. Appeasing clients: Once the project is secured, the production budget undergoes frequent updates to reflect any changing costs, both for internal purposes and as a tool for client communication. If your budget presentation is primarily client-facing, the software you use should be practical for your team and visually appealing for clients.
  3. Working with unions: When collaborating with unions, they may request to review your budget before agreeing to work with you on a project. For instance, organizations like SAG-AFTRA ask for a budget submission along with other regulatory requirements. Including line items for SAG rates, agent and manager fees (if applicable), and union talent fringes (such as pension & health and payroll taxes) is essential in this context.
  4. Production accounting: The production budget is a dynamic document that evolves throughout the entire production process, extending into post-production. It is crucial to select user-friendly film budgeting software that is reliable and tailored to your specific needs. If you work for a production company or studio, you may need to adapt to their unique budgeting practices.
Production Company

To address these challenges, this accounting software for film production companies aims to simplify, streamline, and automate back-office tasks such as estimating, invoicing, payment collection, reconciliation, and accounting.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know the right accounting software for film production companies. This is exactly where 4pointzero comes in.  We are a team of accounting experts who take joy in sharing our knowledge and research of financial solutions, so that you will know precisely which production accounting software to select.

By using 4pointzero, film production companies can focus more on their core work, while the software takes care of time-consuming tasks like collecting payments, sending payment reminders, and generating tax reports.

Accounting Software for Film Production Companies

With thousands of film production companies using and recommending 4pointzero, its success comes from being custom-built for this industry, providing efficient invoicing and quoting templates, tracking expenses and profits, generating real-time tax reports, facilitating team collaboration, and offering excellent customer support through live chat.

During our extensive consultation period, 4pointzero will invest time working with you to find the right tools to suit your entertainment accounting software requirements and ensuring a smooth transition. 

Below are some compelling reasons why 4pointzero is the most preferred accounting software-

  • Customized for film production companies: The software’s workflows and tool tips are personalized for your business vertical, making it easy to use without requiring extensive support.
  • Prefilled invoicing & quoting templates: 4pointzero auto-suggest feature and placeholders guide you through creating invoices or estimates, with industry-standardized templates for film production companies available.
  • Link purchases & expenses to each invoice: You can easily link invoices with related expenses/purchases, providing a quick view of all project expenses incurred.
  • Track overall profits and invoice-level gross margins: The software allows you to track fixed expenses (e.g., rent, electricity) separately from project-related expenses, enabling you to monitor invoice-level margins.
  • Real-time tax and compliance reports: 4pointzero generates real-time compliance reports based on invoices and expenses, ensuring you are always prepared for any audit.
  • Collaborate with your team: The software offers a multi-user setup, granting you control over data access for your employees. You can choose the modules each team member can access.
  • Detailed tutorials with screenshots: 4pointzero provides comprehensive tutorials with screenshots for every feature, so you can easily learn and navigate the software without relying on human support.

Together, we will define your specific needs and consider what features and functionalities are essential to your business, and what you may be able to do without.  These may include expense tracking, budget management, report creation and expense categorisation, but also, (depending on your production’s needs) you may also require additional features, such as asset management, cash flow analysis, or integration with popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Xero. 

How does accounting software improve productivity?

Production Accounting Made Easy:

Real-Time Access and Paperless Workflows. Experience the efficiency of production accounting with our cutting-edge platform that offers seamless access to all your data in real time. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and embrace paperless workflows for a more streamlined and eco-friendly approach to managing your projects. Here’s what our platform has to offer:

Real-Time Updates:

Keep track of all your projects effortlessly with one-click access to account balances, Chart of Accounts, and General Ledger updates in real time.

Multi-Filter Drill Down:

Enjoy interactive ledgers with multi-filter drill-down capabilities for in-depth analysis and reporting.

Cost Report Dashboard:

Access an interactive Trial Balance and Cost Report dashboard to gain valuable insights into your project finances.

In-Software Tax Incentive Estimation:

Our platform offers in-software tax incentive estimation, preparation, and reporting to simplify your tax-related tasks.

Quick Edits and Multi-Currency Support:

Make distribution changes and coding edits easily, and take advantage of multi-currency entry and reporting.

Efficient Accounts Payable Entry:

Apply purchase orders to all AP transaction types, including petty cash, prepaid cards, and journal entries. Import/export vendors from Excel and track prepaid card activity effortlessly.

Data Exporting & Integration:

Export data to Excel or a .iif QuickBooks file, and seamlessly integrate your data with our API and studio-specific integrations.

Paperless Workflows:

Cut your data entry in half with paperless workflows for digital startwork, timecards, purchase orders, bills/check requests, and AP check runs.

Cloud-Based Document Management:

Attach scanned documents to transactions and access them anywhere through our cloud-based document management system.

Corporate Accounting and Financial Statements:

Benefit from true Chart of Accounts synchronization across all projects, corporate-specific and production-specific accounts, and comprehensive financial statements.

Multi-Project Browsing and Reporting:

Easily access consolidated or project-level information with cross-project vendor/employee payment ledgers and reports, production cost reports, and GL search, filter, and reports.

Financial Controls and Permissions:

Enjoy the controls of a GAAP-based accounting system and traditional production accounting controls, with role-based and individual permissions for enhanced security.

Make your film and TV production accounting a breeze with our feature-rich and user-friendly platform. Embrace the power of real-time data, paperless workflows, and efficient financial controls to optimize your production accounting process.

Film accounting software

Best film production accounting software

In this digital age, the traditional methods of handling piles of paperwork are being replaced by streamlined and efficient paperless solutions. With advancements in technology, film and TV production companies can now manage their accounting processes seamlessly without the need for physical documents.

Say goodbye to stacks of paper invoices, receipts, and financial records. Embrace the convenience and eco-friendliness of paperless accounting, where everything is organized, accessible, and secure in the digital realm.

Join the revolution of paperless film and TV production accounting and experience a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability.

Other features that can be helpful include forecasting tools, invoice management, and payroll management. Forecasting tools can help you predict potential costs and revenue, providing you with an estimate of your net profit. Invoice management allows you to easily generate and track invoices, and payroll management helps you pay your staff or contractors.

Naturally, one of your primary concerns will be ensuring that we work within an agreed budget of what you would like to spend on your media accounting software. The cost of accounting software for entertainment industry varies significantly depending on its features and functionalities. If you have a small budget, you may want to consider a basic accounting solutions that can help you manage your finances without breaking the bank.

However, if you have a larger budget, you may want to invest in a more robust software that can handle complex financial tasks, such as tracking multiple productions, managing payroll, and generating financial reports.  The choice is yours.  

Go cloud based

4pointzero can talk you through the various price plans attached to available software, so that you will have the control to weigh up the opportunity costs associated with what you would like to achieve. We are fortunate that Xero and Quickbooks are hugely popular in the UK, so we frequently find them price competitive solutions affordable for small and medium sized production companies.  

Cloud-Based accounting solutions has become increasingly popular in recent years, as you can access your financial information from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be incredibly helpful if you have team members working remotely or if you need to access financial information while on the go.  The solutions, including Xero and Quickbooks, that 4pointzero can integrate into your company are all cloud-based accounting solutions and give you the flexibility of today’s digital age.

Financial Software for the TV & Film Industry

When choosing the right media accounting software, another important factor is the user interface. Film production is a fast-paced industry, and you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to use complicated film software.  4pointzero will dedicate a substantial amount of project time with you training all stakeholders and ensuring they are comfortable using the software and uncomplicating parts they find difficult to navigate.    

4pointzero will also support you throughout all stages during and post implementation.  When choosing new financial management software for the film industry it is important that you choose solutions that are compatible with your current computer systems and software.  4pointzero have vast experience of managing integration projects such as these and will be there to guide you and share best practices every step of the way. 

You may already be using other software applications, such as project management software or scheduling software, in your production process, but we will support you in streamlining your workflow, avoiding duplication and making the production process more efficient.

4pointzero offers outstanding customer support and will be on hand to help should you encounter any problems with understanding the software. Our team of specialists offer training and technical support in the form of training materials, online tutorials and on a more personal level, phone support, email support, live chat and face-to-face support.  

You will continue to remain in our minds post implementation too. Not only will this level of support be sustained, but we will also advise of any updated film accounting software available on the market, so that you have the ability to continuously improve.  It is also worth mentioning that all of our film production accounting software comes with a free 30-day trial, so you can try before you buy and fully understand what you are committing to. However, we are confident that you will proceed to purchase and integration speedily.    

In conclusion, choosing the right film production accounting software can be a crucial decision for your production company. When selecting software, you should consider factors such as your budget, technical expertise, integration with other software applications, security, and customer support. You should also ensure that the software offers the essential features and functionalities required to manage your production’s finances efficiently.

By considering these factors, you can select software that meets your production’s unique needs and helps you streamline your workflow, reduce manual data entry, and increase accuracy.  4pointzero are confident that you will meet all of these needs and more, by working in partnership with us to source and implement the film accounting software for your production company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is film accounting software?

Film accounting software refers to specialized software designed to meet the unique financial needs of the film industry. It helps production companies and studios efficiently manage their finances, track expenses, handle payroll, and maintain accurate records throughout the production process.

How can film accounting software benefit my production company?

Film accounting software offers numerous benefits to production companies. It streamlines financial processes, improves accuracy in budgeting and forecasting, simplifies payroll management, enables efficient expense tracking, and provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. By using film accounting software, you can save time, reduce errors, and gain better control over your production’s financial health.

What features should I look for in film accounting software?

When selecting film accounting software, it’s important to consider several key features. Look for software that offers budgeting and forecasting tools, expense tracking and management, payroll processing, accounts payable and receivable functionality, tax credit management, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Integration with other production management systems and user-friendly interfaces are also valuable features to seek.

Is film accounting software suitable for independent filmmakers or small production companies?

Yes, film accounting software is suitable for independent filmmakers and small production companies. It offers scalable solutions that can accommodate the needs of productions of all sizes. Whether you’re working on a low-budget independent film or a larger-scale production, film accounting software can provide the necessary financial tools to effectively manage your project.

Is film accounting software customizable to suit my specific needs?

Yes, film accounting software often offers customization options to adapt to the specific needs of your production company. You can typically tailor the software to match your preferred chart of accounts, project structures, and reporting requirements. Customization allows you to create a system that aligns with your unique workflows and accounting processes.

Can film accounting software handle multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes, film accounting software is designed to handle multiple projects simultaneously. It allows you to create separate budgets, track expenses, manage payroll, and generate reports for each project individually. This feature is particularly useful for production companies working on multiple films or TV series concurrently, providing better organization and financial oversight.

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