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May 2021

April 2021


Finance, Security and Dual Authentication Part 1: What Is the Problem?

What is the problem?  The emergence of cloud technology in recent times has led to an incredible number of advantages, such as improved accessibility and enabling efficient remote working … all of which have been invaluable. We have seen this in the accounting and finance world with systems such as Xero and there are thousands of other examples across various...

March 2021

What problems do 4PointZero solve? – Part 4

The final part of our problem-solving series covers information mainly around how we provide our services, rather than the technical products themselves. Quality service is so critical to what we do and it is why our customers come to us. You can buy individual products from suppliers and they...

February 2021

What problems do 4PointZero solve? (Part 3)

Continuing our theme on items helping people understand all the various and real problems we help businesses with below is the next segment in our series. This article focuses more on specific software types and accounting automation options. Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security for SaaS-based systems and companies The modern way...

January 2021